I had a little chat with the beautiful Marlow and here’s what she said about her career as a model…

I love my job! I have been modeling for a year and it’s gone by so fast! I am represented by S.I.M. ARIZONA, IKON New York, Campbell Agency Dallas and MMA Philadelphia.


What the best thing about modeling
The people you meet in the industry – Make-up artists, hair designers, clothing designers, jewelry designers, painters, photographers and other beautiful male and female models, etc. You are always surrounded by fun, creative people. It’s the best feeling when you work with a great team. The photo’s speak for themselves!

What’s the most challenging aspect of being a model…
Modeling is not always as easy as it looks and you’re always being critiqued – how tall you are, how buff or thin you need to be, how perfect your nose is and how blue yours eyes are and so on! I have been told many times that I’m too short, too thin and my nose is a very …”unique”!! Thankfully, that doesn’t stop me from making money or creating fabulous photographs!
I am a confident model and I am smart enough to know that modeling is not always about being pretty, tall and perfect. You have a “look” that you represent and you work with it. When you model you use not only your face, but your body and emotions. Its about the product, feeling and whatever it is that you are trying to capture. Modeling is a once in a life time job and I am very blessed to work in the industry!


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