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Ladies, our personables have become a bit more personal thanks to the Bra Fit Stylists at Intimacy Scottsdale Fashion Square’s new luxury lingerie store.  I must admit, when the topic of lingerie and undergarments creeps into conversation, rather than blush or dream of French lace and silk, I cringe and shoo away thoughts of sagging bra straps and stretched-out satin. Sadly, I am one of the 85% of women who violate more than one of Intimacy’s Code ˜36-24-36′: bouncy and saggy bosoms caused by an unsupportive bra, unsightly backfat forming as the bra rides up, appearance of double boobs caused by the breast overflowing cup or falls beneath underwire. If you too are experiencing any of these unflattering undergarment violations, it’s time for an intimates intervention at Intimacy.

Susan Nethero, The Bra Whisperer and creator of Intimacy, was recently at the new Scottsdale boutique educating Fashion Phoenix on how to measure for a bra and the importance of properly fitting bras and panties, proper care for lingerie and introducing the women of the Valley to new, high-end luxury and international lingerie brands including Le Mystere, Chantelle, Aubade, Simon Perele and so many more. Susan was trained under the Queen of England’s royal bra fitter and has hoisted, squeezed and adjusted over 100,000 pairs of breasts.

My experience was amazing. I’ve been wearing the wrong size bra for¦well¦ever. And, the instant transformation and gratification for going up a cup size (YES!), and wearing a snug-fitting, black lace bra that is both classic and sexy and properly enhances my bosom is both cheaper than plastic surgery and well worth the embarrassment of wearing the worst, most horribly tattered bra I own to meet the American Queen of the Brassiere.

Another sad bra found in my dresser :(

By no exaggeration, I wore the most heinous undergarment I had to meet Susan, knowing full well that I was going to have to disrobe in front of her. Furthermore, on the outside I looked okay – nice watch, nice sunglasses, clean and trendy clothes. But underneath, closest to my body and for only me to see, experience or enjoy, my personables were unmentionable, and in all honesty, unacceptable. I didn’t want Susan to see me, the messy me, underneath the trendy exterior and I secretly hoped that if I had something so ridiculously awful on she would promptly kick me out of her store, deeming me undeserving of something so fabulous. She didn’t blink. Instead, she gave me a much needed hug, a warm smile, a quick pep talk and brought 10 beautiful bras to pep me up.

Our personable are just that: personal as well as foundational for the outfit. And as someone who believes that the outside should reflect and enhance the fabulousness of what’s inside one’s heart, wearing a tattered, saggy bra just doesn’t fit and I promptly threw mine in the trash at Intimacy.

So ladies, turn that frown upside down. A pretty, fitted bra for YOU is a great place to start.  If you want someone to go along with you, contact us. I’ll be your friend, your pseudo-Susan, to give you a hug and a smile and remind you that you deserve something gorgeous and fabulous, just like you!

Lots of love today. xoxo

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  1. I so need to do this. After having 2 children, the girls just aren’t what the used to be. I have no idea what size bra I actually wear these days.

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