Mommy Approved: Rachel Zoe Weighs-In on Maternity Wear

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Rachel Zoe and son Skyler Morrison Berman

by Jacque

Stylist Rachel Zoe, known as the bohemian-chic genius whose celebrity client list has included Nicole Richie, Anne Hathaway and Eva Mendez, is reaching out to an audience she may enjoy most: mommies.

After giving birth to a baby boy in March of 2011, Zoe has continually expressed her love for motherhood. Now she’s honing her styling skills in a “Mom Or Not” fashion report, featured on The Zoe Report website.

The report features ten transitional items, including wedge sandals, skincare oil and a Raquel Allegra caftan dress, which has Zoe written all over. Below each item you can find a tid bit of fashion advice or product description to justify why it’s mommy-approved. For example, a featured nail lacquer from Sheswai is formaldehyde-free, meaning no harsh chemicals near your little one.

Weigh-in on all ten items: here.


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